Shaping Lydney’s Future

In 2011 the Government handed responsibility of local community planning to the local communities, so that they can better address the issues that affect them locally.   The start of the process of improving the community is creating a plan – a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

Currently Neighbourhood Development Plan’s are at the forefront of the planning reform, and are very much supported by Central Government.  The Localism Act (2011) has provided residents, local groups and traders the power to shape Lydney’s future to ensure Lydney is prosperous and economically sustainable town.

Lydney NDP Steering Group applied to the Forest of Dean District Council to become a Neighbourhood Development Area, which was granted on the 17th of January 2013.  Click here to see Forest of Dean District Council website

In January 2013, at a well attended town community meeting, local Lydney residents voiced the issues that were important both to them as individuals and the community as a whole.  Following that meeting the NDP Community Steering Group commenced work on 8 specific areas:

Education, Transportation, Health, Leisure and Sport, Economic Growth, Environmental issues, Development of the Town Centre and Harbour.

Over many months the Community Steering Group developed the Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan, collating the feedback received from hosting public meetings, Councillor Surgeries, and liaising with local groups and businesses. In September 2013 the Draft Lydney NDP was developed and an 11 week public consultation period was entered into as of October the 2nd 2013.

Printed copies of the Draft Lydney Plan were distributed prior to the start of the public consultation period on the 2nd of October 2013 and one hundred and forty one copies of the Draft Lydney Plan were posted to:

  • 32 local groups and organisations
  • 14 local schools, nurseries, academy and children’s centre
  • 5 nursing and care homes for the elderly
  • 4 health centres
  • 6 environmental groups
  • 2 village agents
  • 78 statutory consultees including the LPA, Forest of Dean District Council
  • 71 were also hand delivered to shops and businesses

As well as distribution of the printed copies of the Draft Lydney Plan, Lydney resident were contacted in a variety of ways during the consultation period, including:

  • The NDP website and Facebook page were created and launched prior to the consultation period
  • 10,000 copies of Newsletter No.1 were sent to Lydney residents and businesses at the start of the consultation period
  • Radio interview with Radio Gloucestershire at the beginning of the consultation period highlighted NDPs and advertised Lydney’s Plan and community public consultation meeting dates
  • Newspaper adverts were placed in the two local papers for six weeks advertising the website, Facebook page and two town meetings dates
  • Two public meetings were held at the start of the consultation period, on the 2nd and 8th of October 2013
  • 10,000 copies of Newsletter No.2 were sent to Lydney residents and businesses in the middle of the consultation period
  • Bi monthly Lydney Town Councillor surgeries were held outside of the town centre Co-op or Tesco stores at which further NDP questionnaires were issued, the Lydney Draft Plan was discussed and comments public were recorded.
  • Members of the Steering Group attended the local church summer fete event manned a stand with NDP display boards

The 11 week Public Consultation finished on the 20th of December 2013 and 165 comments were received (Click here to see all comments) During January 2014 the consultation comments were collated and three working group meetings during January and February 2014 were convened by the Steering Group to appraise to feedback and incorporate it into the Lydney NDP Plan where appropriate.

The Draft Plan was amended accordingly and revised into the ‘Lydney NDP – Examiners Version 1, March 2014’ and delivered to the Forest of Dean District Council who checked the Plan meet the legal requirements identified in The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

Detailed discussions where held with the Forest of Dean District Council (FoDDC) to ensure the Lydney Plan met legal requirements, especially all environmental requirements. The updated Lydney Plan – ‘Lydney NDP – Examiners Version 2, May 2015’ – was then publicised on the Forest of Dean District Councils’ website (which can be viewed here) and subject to a second public consultation for 6 weeks, receiving comments from 17 individuals and organisations.

FoDDC, in discussion with Lydney NDP Steering Group, appointed an independent assessor to examine the plan and 17 consultation comments to make sure the Plan meets the criteria set down in Schedule 4B of The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as amended by The Localism Act 2011.

In September 2015 the Independent Assessor issued his report which passed the Plan with modificationsThe Independent Assessors Report can be viewed here. The Independent Assessor stated in his report:

“The community and the Town Council have spent considerable time and energy in identifying the issues and objectives that they wish to be included in their Plan. This gets to the heart of the localism agenda.”

The Independent Assessors modifications were incorporated and the amended version – ‘Lydney NDP – Independent Examiner’s Approved Version, October 2015’ and submitted to the Forest of Dean District Council (FoDDC) on October 2015 and presented to the FoDDC Cabinet and Full Council meeting, where it was accepted.

The Lydney NDP will now proceed to public referendum in early 2016 (date to be confirmed) where Lydney residents will vote whether they wish to adopt a Community Lydney Plan rather than a Forest of Dean District Council Plan in the Lydney Referendum. 50% or more Yes votes will agree this fundamental change and see the adoption of a Lydney Community Plan for Lydney. The Lydney NDP – Approved Version October 2015 would then be adopted as the first community plan.

If adopted the document then becomes a statutory planning document in its own right, a planning document shaped by local residents, inclusive of residents wishes which will shape Lydney’s future growth.

Further details of NDP Legal Compliance can be found in: LGA NDP Legal Compliance Jan 2013 & PAS NDP Legal Compliance June 2013

Pertinent Documents:
Legal Compliance

Info on NDPs


Who Are We

The vision is to develop Lydney over the next 20 years as a thriving, prosperous, safe, integrated and attractive market town, serving its rural hinterland and as a centre from which to visit the area’s attractions.
Sept – Dec 2013     Public Consultation and Community meetings

January  2015   Finalise the Plan

March  2015   Submit Plan to Forest of Dean District Council for Independent Examination

January 2016?         Notice given of Referendum (<28 days)

February 2016?         Public Referendum

The Lydney NDP Community Steering Group comprises a mixture of local residents, local communities groups and Town Councillors.  The group changes over time as people come in and out of the group but currently it consists of:
Ruth Bonser,  Bill Hobman,  Cllr Brian Pearman (Chair), CCllr Alan Preest, Cllr Dave Street, Cllr Brian Thomas, Bob Watters, Peter Adams
Part-Time Admin Support is provided by Alison Crawshaw, Lydney Town Council
Your thoughts and input into this process is vital.
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