The consultation period has now been extended until the 20th of December to allow as many people as possible to comment on the draft Plan. So far the Public Consultation has included:

• In the week commencing 30th September 2013 10,000 newsletters sent out via Post Office Door2Door service to all business & resident addresses in GL15
• Newspaper adverts announcing the start of the consultation process and the dates of the first two town meetings were placed in the Forester and The Review in the weeks 11th September, 18th September, 25th September and October 2nd
• On the 2nd Oct a Town Meeting was held in Naas lane Community centre had 68 people attending
• 8th Oct Town Meeting in The Annexe Inn had 55 people attending
• A NDP info stand manned by people from the NDP Steering group attended the St Mary’s Parish Fete
• A Councillors Surgery event focusing on the NDP and the Draft Lydney Plan was held in the town centre
• Over 100 comments on the draft plan have been logged
• 236 draft plans have been posted or hand delivered to local groups and organisations as well as statutory and non statutory consultees
• In the week commencing the 18th of November another 10,000 newsletters summarising the NDP process have been sent out via the Post Office Door2Door service to all GL15