Below are some of the thoughts and points discussed in the development of the Lydney Draft NDP.

Lydney has a Town Centre bypass and the A48 through Lydney has been de-trunked. However, there is still a significant level of private and commercial traffic that still use the route through Lydney as the main thoroughfare. The town centre currently experiences high volumes of traffic and problems of environmental intrusion and pedestrian-vehicle conflict. A large portion of commercial traffic also uses the Bream Road junction as the main access to the Forest of Dean, resulting in high levels of pollution at points throughout Lydney.  Forest Road which becomes New Road also feeds into the town centre from the forest settlements to the north. This also carries high volumes of private & commercial traffic. The mainline railway passes along the west bank of the river from South Wales to the Midlands, stopping at Lydney. The town also has a limited Bus service throughout the town.

Transport – Planning Ahead
In the next 13 years Lydney will increase by 1,900 homes as stated in the Forest of Dean District Council’s Core Strategy Policy and this continued growth of housing in Lydney will produce an associated growth in cars on the road.

Lydney potentially has excellent strategic road, bus and train links, certainly Lydney is the more accessible of the Forest towns.  With Lydney’s increase in population the accessibility between the town, residential areas and the docks will become increasingly important.  A well thought through transportation plan linking all the key areas, and alleviating existing bottle necks to provide smooth traffic movements throughout will be vital in the development of an economically viable Lydney.

Transport – The Aim
Improvement options:
Link roads – Create a link between the centre of Town and the bypass – re-instate the Swan Road Link proposal. Thus improving the road link to the new housing estate and the Harbour recreation area.

Bypass improvements – Encourage greater use of the bypass – perhaps restricting the size/type of vehicle that can use the Town Centre Route.
Develop a new bypass from the west of Lydney to the Bream Road above the Lydney Hospital, thus reducing the need to drive through town to the Bream Road Junction.

Town Centre traffic – Traffic calming within the town centre giving pedestrian priority would allow local vehicular access whilst providing a safe shopping experience for pedestrians, enabling a better focus on revitalization.

Pedestrian & Cycle access – Provide improved pedestrian & cycle access between key areas such as residential areas, shops, schools & railway station.

Rail Services – Increase the number of trains stopping at Lydney along with upgraded parking, passenger waiting facilities and ticket purchasing. Provide better access for pedestrians to the west-bound platform.

Bus Services – Increase bus services to railway station, integrate times to coincide with arrival/departure of train services and improving the bus terminus.

Safe crossing points are needed for the railway line

The Lydney Neighbourhood Development Steering Group have created discussion papers to share ideas and to elicit feedback.  Below is the Transport maps and information which were also used in the Community Town Meetings:

Suggested Oakdale to Station Footpath Route

Suggested Highfield Hill Footpaths routes

Suggested Town Centre Relief Scheme


Lydney Cycle and Walking Path Network

The Lydney Cycle and Walking Path Network is one of the newly emerging projects coming from the work undertaken to develop the Lydney Neighbourhood Plan (NDP) which is currently being reviewed by the Forest of Dean District Council and which we feel confident will result in a successful referendum and adoption by Spring 2015.

The Lydney Cycle and Walking Path Network will create a pleasant, safe and accessible network of pathways around Lydney linking together the train station, Dean Academy, town centre and leisure areas such as the harbour. The network would also serve as the start of a potential plan aimed at linking the northern point of the town to the rest of the Forest, Parkend, Whitecroft and eventually to the River Wye. Not only will this network improve access within Lydney for locals but it is hoped that the network could contribute to growing tourism within the area.

Plans are underway to create a sign posted network of routes linking the key parts of Lydney suitable for both cyclists and walkers. Lydney, as “The Gateway to the Forest”, needs safe, attractive routes to encourage cycling and walking by schoolchildren, commuters, utility cycling and tourism.

More details will be available as the plans are developed by the working group.

Transport – Pertinent Documents

Document Name Document Details
Joint Lydney Transport Bid 2013 Details of the Joint Transport Bid submitted to the Gloucestershire Local Transport Board – currently under consideration.
Lydney Signals Report 2009 Feasibility of installing traffic signals at three junctions in Lydney prepared by Gloucestershire Highways
Bus Service Report 2011 Report prepared by Gloucestershire County Council
Bus Service Report Update 2012
Local Transport Plan 2010-2026 Report prepared by Gloucestershire County Council

 The Highways Agency and the Local Plan Process: A protocol for local authorities, developers and the Highways Agency

Strategic Road Network Policy (Highways Agency)

Dept For Transport Note:_Shared Use Routes for Pedestrians and Cyclists

Design Manual for Roads and Bridges Vol 5, section 2, Part 4 (Highways Agency)

Network Rail Master Plan for Lydney Station (December 2013 version)

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